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Riding into Fall: Embracing the Magic of Leather Weather

It was one of those days—the kind that every motorcycle enthusiast longs for, the kind that speaks to your soul. A whisper of fall in the air, the promise of cooler days ahead. I set out on a ride today, a journey that would take me down Maytown Road in Florida. I started off in Downtown Sanford after a quick check in at Henrys Depot and after all was good I hit the road all the way down 46 to US1. As I revved up and merged onto Highway 46, little did I know that this ride would be a reminder of the magic that awaits us on two wheels, especially as the seasons change.

leather motorcycle jacket
Holy Freedom Zero Evolution Black

A Glimpse of Fall:

It happened as I crossed that bridge on Highway 46. The breeze shifted, carrying with it the unmistakable scent and feel of autumn. A cool, refreshing zephyr—something I hadn't felt in what seemed like an eternity—brushed against my face, and a sense of joy and relief swept through me. It was a small, simple moment, but it carried the weight of a realization: we were at the precipice of fall!

Moments of Reflection:

On a motorcycle, you're never truly alone, but for me it's one of the few times when I can truly find peace and solitude. It's just me, my machine, and the open road stretching out before me, an endless ribbon of possibility. No ringing phones, no emails demanding my attention, and no one to pull me in a dozen different directions.

It's during these moments that I truly reflect. Thoughts come and go like the scenery, and in this solitude, I uncover truths and insights that are elusive in the noise of everyday life. Riding solo is like having my own personal sanctuary, a place to clear my mind, let go of worries, and just be in the moment. It's a communion between rider and road, an intimate time for myself, and a chance to reconnect with the simple joy of existence. These are the moments that remind us why we ride, why we seek the open road, and why, no matter where life takes us, our hearts will forever belong to the ride.

Florida's Unique Riding Season:

In Florida, we're blessed with the ability to ride year-round, but for us, fall is our spring, and winter is our summer, dont get me wrong I will still ride in the Florida heat of the summer but it is not as glorious. Cruising when the mercury isn't soaring into the upper 90s adds an extra layer of joy to the experience. A quick reminder its still the tail end of summer came to me when I got caught at a red light, and the wind wasn't pushing against my body, but those moments in between, when you're one with the road, are pure bliss.

Leather Weather:

Fall riding also means it's time to break out the riding jacket, that piece of gear we all covet. It's not just protection; it's an expression of our identity. It's our armor and our attitude, a symbol of our commitment to the ride. There's a certain magic in sliding into that jacket, feeling its weight settle around you, knowing that you're geared up and ready for whatever the road brings.

womens leather riding jacket
Holy Freedom - Leather Bordeaux

So, as the days grow shorter and the lawn doesn't need cutting every week, I welcome the arrival of leather weather with open arms. It's a season of renewal, a time to rediscover the pure joy of riding, to let the worries of the day trail behind you as you hit that open road, and to relish every moment in the company of your faithful machine.

So, fellow riders, embrace the fall, gear up, and hit the road. Let's make memories, chase horizons, and savor every mile as we ride into the enchanting embrace of leather weather.


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