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In the heart of the vintage motorcycle realm lies a passion that goes beyond just the bikes - it's about the lifestyle, the camaraderie, and the distinctive apparel that turns heads on the open road. At 73 Moto, we embody that passion. Founded by Sean Kelley, the spirit of 1973 runs deep within our brand, echoing a year that wasn't just about birth but about the genesis of a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast's journey.

Sean initiated 73 Moto out of personal necessity; the quest to find a helmet and apparel that weren't just functional, but also mirrored the vintage aesthetics he so loved. The marketplace had gaps, and 73 Moto rose to fill them. Today, we pride ourselves on curating a selection of products that are not just hard to find but also exude the quality and style that vintage motorcycle aficionados crave.

Going beyond curated products, we've proudly introduced our very own line of 73 Moto apparel, meticulously designed by our passionate team. Every stitch, every fabric choice, and every design element is carefully considered with a high emphasis on quality, ensuring our fellow enthusiasts don premium gear.

But 73 Moto is more than a store; it's a community. Our vision stretches beyond selling products. We're here to nurture the café racer and vintage motorcycle community, creating spaces for enthusiasts to converge, share, and bond. From our engaging monthly rides to our lively Thursday meet-ups, 73 Moto is on a mission to build a nationally recognized brand that stands as a beacon for retro motorcycle enthusiasts.

Our commitment? To offer products that are handpicked for their quality and commitment to the vintage ethos. To be more than a brand, but a movement. To not just serve the national community but to resonate with vintage motorcycle enthusiasts on a global scale.

Join us, ride with us, and let's make every journey unforgettable.

Freedom Refined

Sean Kelley & The 73 Moto Team


The Kelley Family

Sean and his family, wife Kelsey, daughter Bella and son Greyson. 

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