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Looking Back and Rolling Forward

In the spring of 2023, 73 Moto embarked on an exciting journey. Born from a passion for vintage motorcycling, we set out to create a space where enthusiasts could unite, share their love for the road, and find gear that’s as cool as their rides.

Our inaugural event, hosting the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in May, may have had a modest turnout, but it laid the foundation for some of our most cherished relationships. It was more than an event; it was the beginning of a community. And we cant wait for DGR 2024!

DGR Distinguished Gentlemans RIde
Distinguished Gentlmans Ride 2023

June marked the start of our Thursday meetups, which quickly became the heartbeat of 73 Moto. The sight of our friends donning 73 Moto shirts, hats, and patches has been nothing short of inspiring. It's a weekly reminder of the vibrant community we're building together.

Our grand opening party on 7/3 was a blast, thanks to the live tunes from The Busted Sprockets and the delicious roasted pig courtesy of Sweet & Salty. It was a celebration of our shared passion and the journey ahead.

Our monthly rides have become a highlight, growing with each new mile and every new face. The camaraderie on these rides is palpable, and it's thrilling to see this tradition expand and evolve.

This year also saw the launch of our new 73 Moto T-shirts – the Dapper Head T, Freedom Tiger, and more – along with our hats and distinctive patches like the 7 and 3 Stars and the Bee Splat. It's been a joy seeing everyone embrace these designs.

Looking ahead, we’re buzzing with excitement. We’ve been designing custom-cut and sew T-shirts that will feature our red 73 Moto tag, new jerseys, and fresh artwork. And yes, we’re already gearing up for the 2024 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and more unforgettable monthly rides. Thursdays at 73 Moto have become a staple, rain or shine – and we're not slowing down! Look out for the release of the 73 MoTo app, coming soon!

A huge shoutout to our partners – Hedon, Torc, Holy Freedom, Deus Ex Machina, Ton-Up, Red Torpedo, Atwyld, Fuel, and our very own 73 Moto. Your quality and aesthetic play a huge role in defining who we are.

As we throttle into the new year, we’re filled with gratitude and anticipation. There are big surprises on the horizon, and we can't wait to share them with our amazing community. Here’s to more rides, more style, and more unforgettable moments together!

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